The Direction of Worship: A Philosophy of Worship Music, Part 3

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Worship is adoration, physical or emotional acknowledgment of who God is and what he has done for us: it is our reply. Worship is directional. Corporate worship is a narrower, more focused take on that definition. When we gather, we do so to receive and to adore. We gather to receive the Word and the sacraments of forgiveness and grace, and praise Him together, as His body, corporately as one.

“Christ Be Magnified” A Philosophy of Worship Music, Part 1

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I am always looking for new music, and always revisiting songs we have employed in the past to bring back into the mix. As one might expect, I occasionally receive suggestions or requests of songs “we should sing in worship.” While these are always given with the best of intentions, and often from a place of personal joy and praise, I must always respond with, “I will take that into consideration.”

That They May Be Saved

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Paul’s writings are very evangelical. What I mean by this is that, even as he is correcting and encouraging his fellow believers about matters of lifestyle, and issues in the church, he is always pointing them to the unbelievers in their midst.

Gifted for Worship

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Vocation in our post-industrial society has come to mean something like a career or job. But the meaning can be more nuanced, even beautiful if we consider it from our doctrinal perspective. Dr. Luther had much to say about vocation. He asserted that God has put us where we are – in all facets of our lives – for His purpose.

“Summer Rules”

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I learned very quickly in the position of managing so many volunteers to rejoice when they are able to serve and rejoice with them when they are able to take time to enjoy life. The truth is, I am incredibly thankful for the team that has come alongside this Worship Ministry.

Run To The Father

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The keen worshippers among the congregation might have noticed that I have also slipped a new song into our time of communion. This space in the past has been a good place to test new music, as it is a time of passing and reflection and not intended to be 100% participatory. The song “Run To The Father” has been in my heart and in my private times of worship for the past few years and I hope it is an equal blessing to our corporate praise as well.