Reopening Plan for Redeemer

Reopening Information for the Redeemer Community as of 12:00pm on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

In-person worship begins June 6 & 7

Dear members and friends of Redeemer Lutheran Church,

Over the last week and even longer we have been considering and studying many guidelines for reopening our church. Such documents include guidelines provided by several districts of our LCMS church body, the CDC recommendations for houses of worship, and other ecclesiastical organization recommendations. We have even engaged in conversations with local law enforcement. With all that being said, the pastoral leadership of Redeemer Lutheran Church in consultation with our Board of Elders has endorsed the following principles and best practices for reopening our church for in-person worship beginning Saturday, June 6 at 5:00pm and Sunday, June 7 at 9:06am and 11:00am.

We believe the following principles and practices provide the best path forward for both those who are ready to assemble in-person and those who are not or should not. Please know that it is completely acceptable not to attend worship at this time of uncertainty if you feel uneasy for any reason.

Please read the procedures below and prayerfully and thoughtfully reflect upon it as you discuss it with your family.

Together in Jesus,

Pastor Chad | Lead Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church

Redeemer Lutheran Church
COVID-19 Reopening Procedures and Best Practices
Reopening Date:  June 6 & 7, 2020

General Principles:

  1. Please stay home if you: Feel sick, have a fever, or have been in close contact with someone diagnosed or displaying the symptoms of COVID 19.
  1. All worshippers at Redeemer should act according to their own conscience, risk tolerance and health conditions as they personally decide whether to be, or not to be physically present in worship.
  1. Online worship will continue at all three services and be available for our at-risk members and guests, and those who are not yet ready to be in social gatherings.

Temporary Best Practices Being Implemented:

  1. Automatic doors have been installed on the West entrance to reduce touching door handles.
  2. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the church.
  3. No greeters or ushers will be scheduled during this time.
  4. No coffee will be served.
  5. We will have no worship folders and no paper copies of the Redeemer Weekly.
  6. Additional efforts have been made to allow for social distancing in the sanctuary and narthex. We encourage all to be respectful of others when choosing seating arrangements and encroaching upon personal space.
  7. The wearing of masks is optional and is not mandated at Redeemer.
  8. All Bibles, hymnals, and connect cards have been removed from the pews to minimize touchable surfaces.
  9. The offering baskets will not be passed, but basket will be available on tables to drop your offering into.
  10. No acolytes will be scheduled, they will serve on a voluntary basis with families who desire to serve in this capacity.
  11. The nursery will be open, but not staffed. Parents may use the nursery under their own supervision.
  12. Communion will not begin until the weekend of June 20 and 21. Pastors and elders will sanitize hands before distribution. Individual cups will be spaced out in trays. Further instructions will be communicated to worshippers that day.
  13. Pastors and staff will not shake hands at the doors, but will be available to greet you informally according to your comfort level.
  14. Informal gathering and fellowship before and after worship will not take place in the narthex, but rather outside near the carport and parking lot.
  15. In the event of a COVID 19 positive result at Redeemer, we will follow our comprehensive COVID 19 response plan as drawn up for our Early Childhood Center in consultation with CDC guidelines and our local licensing agent.