Sanctuary Remodel

Final Update

The sanctuary remodel is complete! The communion rails have been installed and all the wood trim is done. A new drum kit has also been assembled to fill out the praise band area.

Final lighting configuration has been done and additional accent lighting has been installed over the altar flowers. Volunteers are becoming comfortable with all the new technology and how to make each worship service smooth.

We are beyond blessed to worship in this beautiful sanctuary and it has been wonderful to hear people of all ages and worship styles speak positively about the changes.

This will be the final update and photo for the remodel update. We invite you to join us for worship, Bible study, and Sunday school as everything starts back up this fall.

Feel free to view the updates from each week below to get a picture of how the whole remodel process went.

Final Front

Week 14 Update

We are close to completion! The front wing walls now have the oak trim completed. Window sills and other trim work is complete. The projector screens have also been installed and blend in nicely to the front walls.

The communion rails have yet to be installed and some minor trim work remains to be completed but we are glad to be worshiping in the sanctuary again. We will publish one final construction update when everything is 100% finished.

As you feel comfortable, we invite you to join us in-person for worship and enjoy the completed worship space. What a joy it is to see your faces and hear your voices once again!

Also peruse the previous updates below to see how the remodel as progressed.

Week 14 Front

Week 13 Update

The carpet is now complete in the sanctuary. Also, the vertical tile has been installed on the chancel walls and is just awaiting the grout.

At the church entrance, the automatic doors are now operable and new tile has been installed between the sets of doors in the entryway. This tile is also now awaiting grout.

Stay tuned for information next week concerning Redeemer's reopening plan and timeline. Join us also for online worship at 9:06am and 11:00am on Sunday, May 24.

Week 13 Front
Week 13 Front Side
Week 13 Side
Week 13 Back
Week 13 Doors

Week 12 Update

This week has been a transformational week in our construction project!

The carpet is laid on the main sanctuary floor only with the altar area carpet being laid next week. The pews are fully installed and look beautiful. All the video, sound, and lighting equipment is now installed and is being tested/programmed to be ready for in-person worship.

Finally, a new entrance with automatic doors has been installed (see photo below).

We are hopeful that construction and stay-at-home restrictions will soon come to a close so that we can enjoy God's beautiful house together in early June.

Join us for online worship this Sunday at 9:06am and 11:00am as we continue to learn more about being Fearless.

Week 12 Front
Week 12 Floor
Week 12 Back
Week 12 Balcony
Week 12 Pews
Week 12 Door

Week 11 Update

The carpet installation has begun and we're almost ready for pew installation. Pastor Daniel and DWO Larry have been working to install our live stream and sound tech in the balcony.

Check back next week to see new pews and new front entrance!

Week 11 Front
Week 11 Side
Week 11 Back

Week 10 Update

Good News! Redeemer's construction project is back on line. Construction at Redeemer will resume this Thursday, May 7, under the supervision of Closner Construction. Closner has implemented CDC and OSHA safety precautions to keep all workers safe during this time.

Additionally, the pews will be delivered, built, and installed starting Tuesday, May 13. Finally, the new glass automated door and vestibule will be installed in our front entrance by the middle of May.

We praise God for these advancements on our project. We will do our best to keep you up to date with the latest progress through our various means of technology as things take shape.

We'll continue to worship together online on Sundays at and we look forward to gathering again in the new sanctuary!

Week 10 Front

Week 9.5 Update

The remodel project had continued to stay on schedule even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, On Monday, March 23, our Governor issued an executive order to "Stay Home, Stay Safe." As a result, our contractors were legally required to leave the job until further notice. In addition, our pews were scheduled to be delivered and installed next Tuesday, however this executive order makes it illegal for the installers to be here to do the installation.

Even though we look forward to the completion of our sanctuary, our greatest concern is for the health and safety of our members, the workers, and the greater community.

The good news is that we are only about 5-10 working days away from the completion of our project. When it is safe to work again, our contractors plan to prioritize our project and complete everything in a timely manner. We have also rescheduled the delivery of the pews with a timeline that should coincide with things getting back to normal.

We will continue to keep you posted on all developments. Worse case scenario is that we might worship in the new sanctuary with chairs for a week or two.

In the meantime, join us for online worship at and continue to hold fast to the love our God has for us.

Week 9.5 Front

Week 9 Update

There's a lot going on in our world but we also want to bring you the excitement of the sanctuary progress this week! Check out the video below for a special walkthrough.

Carpet rolls have arrived in anticipation of carpet installation next week. The new pulpit/lectern and baptismal font have arrived as well. Their lighter wood tones will match nicely with the pews and new candle holders in the sanctuary.

The air conditioning units have been reinstalled as all the finishing work on the walls is now complete. The exterior door has been refinished as well to match the new paint colors on the walls.

New lighting has been installed and electrical work is nearing completion. The new lighting consists of moving head lights that can be remotely positioned as needed and can produce a variety of colors or effects. New speakers have also been installed.

On the balcony face, the projectors and confidence monitor have been mounted. The projectors have been adjusted and calibrated to fill the 159" screens on the front walls.

In the midst of this, we're ready for online worship this weekend. Please worship with us at at 5pm Saturday or 10:45am Sunday as we continue our series on Job.

Week 9 Front

Week 8 Update

The detail work continues this week! The painters have moved on to touch-up work and the forms have been removed from the newly poured steps in the chancel area. The layout of the front of the sanctuary is now very visible.

The 12x12 area of tile has been laid and grouted under the altar designating the altar area with prominence for our worship. Screens have been assembled and pre-fitted to the walls for later permanent installation (they are removed currently to keep them from getting dusty).

A beautiful new media desk has been built and installed in the balcony by our very own Larry Bruce. The wood used for the desk surface is repurposed oak from the old front walls and is stained to match the existing colors in the balcony.

Speakers have been installed in both the sanctuary and narthex. New choir microphones have also been hung in the balcony. Painting is now beginning in the balcony and many other small details are getting finished in preparation for the installation of carpet and our new pews.

Worship with us this weekend and take another first-hand look. We’ll be diving further into the story of Job and “Learning to Lament.”

Week 8 Front
Week 8 Steps
Week 8 Altar
Week 8 Desk

Week 7 Update

"Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim!"

That's the theme for this week's update. The Sanctuary cross has been rehung and it looks more beautiful than ever!

The concrete for the new chancel steps is being poured and the front of the sanctuary is really taking shape. Everything has been painted and thanks to our Toolbox Guys, the Narthex has also been painted--it looks amazing! (Don't worry about the carpet stains. Those are intentional because it will be replaced.)

A majority of the electrical work is now complete and we have tested the projectors. The image they produce is large and bright, making the screens easy to read.

It's exciting to see finishing work taking place and that will continue next week. Take in the beauty of the rehung cross and check out the paint color this weekend as you join us for worship. We're continuing with our study of Job as we consider "Sweet Surrender."

Week 7 Front
Week 7 Back
Week 7 Screen

Week 6 Update

The painting has begun which means things are moving right along! The front wing walls have been painted and are ready for the installation of the projection screens. You can see the rectangular outlines for where they will be installed.

Oak trim is being fabricated off-site for the lower section of the front walls. The face of the balcony has been drywalled and projector mounts are now ready for the projectors.

All existing church lights are configured to an electrical panel that allows 5 separate zones of dimming (one for each section of lights). These zones are controllable by in-wall keypads or via presets and manual controls on an iPad. Over half of the electrical work is now complete and remains on-schedule.

The narthex is also getting a fresh coat of paint to match the sanctuary. The narthex painting is being facilitated in-house by our toolbox guys and they have been hard at work doing prep-work this week.

The project remains on-time and within budget. Next week we look forward to the rehanging of the cross and the pouring of the concrete for our new chancel steps. Take a look at all the progress and join us this weekend as we begin our new sermon series on the Book of Job.

Week 6 Front
Week 6 Back

Week 5 Update

The photos may not look much different, but the work continues to go well. The remodel is starting to get into the detail phase as drywall is finished and painting begins next Monday. Wiring continues and equipment is being staged for installation.

Controls to remotely dim lights have been installed and configured with keypads for wall control. Electrical for the projectors has been rough installed. The trench on the right side of the sanctuary now has conduit for audio-visual wiring and is ready to be filled when concrete for the steps is poured.

We're also excited to reveal an expansion to the project! As we continue to monitor the budget, we have been able to allocate funds to extend the project beyond the sanctuary walls. The new carpeting and paint from the sanctuary will continue into the narthex overflow area. Additionally, the front entrance will be upgraded and will include new doors with automatic motorized ADA accessibility.

Come check up on the progress first hand and worship with us as we conclude our Under Construction series with the Week 5 theme: "Building on a Firm Foundation." Saturday at 5pm & Sunday at 8:30am and 10:45am.

Week 5 Front
Week 5 Back

Week 4 Update

Work continues to stay on track in our Sanctuary Remodel. This week nearly all of the drywall has been hung and the mudding/finish work is close to being completed. Concrete forms for the new steps have been built and laid out. The cross has been removed from the back wall while it awaits its rehanging with greater prominence later in the project.

Projector mounts are being installed on the balcony railing. Additional lighting brackets are also being fabricated so new lights can be installed next week. The lower level sound rack is being put together and configured while our main sound engineer explores the functions of the master sound board.

If you haven't had a chance to worship in the gym, join us this week. The reviews from our attendees have been overwhelmingly positive. We worship Saturday at 5pm & Sunday at 8:30am and 10:45am. This week's Under Construction theme will be "Caution: God at Work." See you there!

Week 4 Front
Week 4 Side

Week 3 Update

God is blessing the progress in the Sanctuary as the project continues. Both front wing walls are now framed-in which allows a glimpse of what the front of the church will look like. The majority of the drywall installation is now finished.

We anticipate the rough inspection to take place early next week. Electrical work continues as well to prepare for the new projectors, updated audio equipment, and modified lighting.

Many AV components are arriving in advance of installation to facilitate testing and rough fitment. In addition to how well things are going, the construction is ahead of schedule and costs are on target according to our project manager.

We continue to worship in the gym and invite you to join us this weekend for Week 3 of our "Under Construction" series: Building Up One Another.

Week 3 Front
Week 3 Side

Week 2 Update

A lot has changed in your church in only a week. We've moved on from demolition and into new construction. The new walls are being built up behind the altar with the left wall already framed in and the beginnings of the right wall in motion.

Drywall is being installed and electrical work has begun. Markings have been made in preparation for the new concrete footprint of the front steps. In the midst of this, we had a successful first weekend of worship in the gym and its clear that God has blessed us with an excellent temporary worship space.

We hope you'll worship with us again in the gym this weekend as we continue to discover what it means to be Under Construction by God with this week's theme: Rough Pavement.

Week 2 Front
Week 2 Side

Week 1 Update

Things got quickly underway in Week 1. It's been a productive week! Demolition has begun. Pews have been pulled out with many finding wonderful new homes. Carpet has been lifted and all furnishings have been removed. Along with the demolition came the move into the gym for worship for the coming weeks. It will be a different environment, but we hope in the Lord for the return into the beautified sanctuary.

This is the first of our weekly updates. Check back here each week to stay up-to-date on your church remodel.

Week 1

Initial Design

The current altar will be reused and the cross will be suspended over the altar.  Tile will be laid in the center of the chancel surrounded by carpet to give dimension to the altar. Two 159-inch screens will be placed on new angled walls to the left and right of the altar (see designs). The steps will be reconfigured and will extend further into the sanctuary. The pulpit and lectern will become one "place of the Word" and a new baptismal font will be placed in the center as shown. The communion rail will be at the lowest level for accessibility and will be removable for flexibility.

New solid oak pews will replace the old pews and will be angled for more of a community feel (see designs). The front row will be movable chairs for flexibility including handicap accessibility and new chairs will be placed in overflow area (behind the glass) as well. The sanctuary will be brightened by ensuring all furnishings are a lighter stain color along with walls being drywalled and painted in light colors. New carpet will be installed throughout.

Existing ceiling light fixtures will be retrofitted with dimmable LED bulbs to facilitate increased brightness, energy efficiency, and added control. Additional wash and spot lighting will be installed to highlight the chancel and persons in that space. These updates coupled with lightened finishes will bring a new sense of brightness to the sanctuary.

The sound equipment will be updated with new speakers, sound mixers, and wiring. Instead of TVs, projection will be used for the front screens. Two projectors will be installed at the back to fill the two 159" screens at the front. Wiring will be updated and chase-ways will be installed for future updates and changes.