NMU Campus Ministry

NMU students, welcome! The Redeemer Campus Ministry house is located directly behind Spalding Hall and is easy to get to. DCE Anna Dauffenbach lives at the house and concentrates  on building relationships with college students like yourself while bringing encouragement to your relationship with God. 

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Awaken Your Spirit

The heart of worship is one that breathes in the grace that our God pours upon us and responds by praising Him in songs and hymns and spiritual songs (Col. 3:16). In this way we gather as often as we can to receive God's gifts in regular worship in communion with the fellowship of believers. As a smaller community, we also gather monthly for a midweek Worship Night at the Campus House. In this way we break up the routine of worldly cares and troubles to reconnect with the source of a life of faith.


Build Your Relationships

Faith in Christ is inherently one of community. One with Christ means one with the family of faith. We need opportunities to be with "one another"; to gather, to love, to encourage, to weep, to celebrate, to forgive, and on and on. We seek to provide times of gathering for the purpose of building relationships that can bring us into community.


Deepen Your Faith

Like infants who crave pure spiritual milk (1 Pet. 2:2), we are drawn into God's Word. As we do this we feed our faith in a way that allows us to trust in Him more, withstand our trials and temptations, and guide us in this world as His children in the world, but not of the world. In addition to regular worship, we meet at the Campus house for Bible study and conversation into God's Word.

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