Endowment Fund

In 1991 an Endowment Fund was established at Redeemer to receive gifts and bequests given to the church. Over the years the Fund has been used in accordance with the Fund Bylaws for the purposes, projects and programs recommended by the Church Council and approved by a simple majority of the Voters' Assembly.


The Endowment Fund has made a remarkable difference for our congregation. Since its inception, the Endowment Fund has provided approximately $150,000 for new programs and ministries. Some of the projects funded by the Endowment Fund include:

  • International Mission Trip: Provided medical and construction supplies to be used on the mission trip.
  • Church Software: A software package to assist the office staff in design and maintenance of the Redeemer website.
  • Emergency Equipment: Acquired a defibrillator to include the training of church staff on its proper use during medical emergencies.
  • "All In" Stewardship Campaign: The creation of a stewardship video and informational handouts to assist in the stewardship program.
  • Bibles:¬†Supplied new Bibles to youth members at Victory Lutheran Church and for distribution to patrons of the Victory Thrift Store.
  • Women's Retreat: Women from the congregation and the North Wisconsin District attended a Retreat hosted by Redeemer to hear presentations by a well-known Christian author and speaker.
  • Divorce Care Program: Provided new teaching and class materials.
  • Renovations to Campus Ministry House:¬†Replaced all windows, new gas fireplace, and emergency exit from basement.
  • Classroom Audio/Visual Equipment: Replaced old AV equipment in church classrooms 1 & 2 with the latest, state-of-the-art, AV equipment.
  • Church Signage: Updated the US-41 highway sign and installed two new signs at the Marquette South High School football field.

Endowment monies are not to be used to meet the current budget or debt retirement on the church mortgage. Our regular weekly giving is intended to meet these current expenses. Monies from the Fund are to be used solely for special initiatives and programming.

Other Endowment Funds

Kivisto Trustee Fund: This fund was established by Randy and Esther Kivisto in 1998. Each year the interest from this fund is transferred to the Trustees to be used for special maintenance projects at our church. These funds have helped to greatly improve the church facility. Some monies have been used for ceiling tile replacement, a lawn mower, and pumps for the heating system.

Preschool Scholarship and Education Fund: This fund was established in 2014 by a bequest received from the Norma Carey Trust. Monies from this fund are used to provide scholarships to families in financial need for youth attending the Preschool and for other needs in the Preschool.

The Youth and Children's Activities Account: This account was established in 2017 and was made possible by a bequest from the Lloyd and Marilyn Maki Trust. Money from this account is used to start new ministries and enhance current youth and children's ministries here at Redeemer.

  • You can receive a tax deduction while living for gifts made to charities like the Redeemer Lutheran Church Endowment Fund? These savings can then be put into purchasing a life insurance policy for your family, and since life insurance proceeds go to the beneficiary tax free, this is a great way to reduce taxes (for yourself and your family), while helping your loved ones and your church.
  • You can leave an IRA to the church, and your estate can receive a deduction for this gift? However, if you leave the same IRA to your family, they'll be required to pay up to 30% (and sometimes more) of its value to the government.
  • You may be able to forego paying capital gains taxes on gifts of stocks, mutual funds and land when you leave that gift to a charity.
  • Even leaving a small gift (in the form of cash or other asset) may significantly reduce your taxes while making a positive difference for your church.

The Redeemer Endowment Fund is professionally managed in order to achieve investment growth for the gifts received without taking undue risk. It is also invested in a socially responsible manner. Money is readily available whenever needed for approved endowment expenditures.


If you're like most people, you probably haven't given a lot of thought to what will happen to your earthly gains when you're no longer here on earth. For better or for worse, our assets can only go to three places after we're gone:

  • to our family or friends
  • to a charity
  • to the government

Should you prefer to leave more of your assets to the people you love and the organizations that have touched your life, charitable giving is the answer. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a large estate to consider planned giving. If you own a life insurance policy, land, mutual fund, IRA, cash, stocks or bonds, it is to your benefit -- and the benefit of those you love -- to look into your longterm options. If you need some assistance in getting started, we can help you. Please contact the church office or the Redeemer Gift Planner.

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