Contemporary Worship

The Vibe

Worship at the 5pm Saturday or the 8:30am Sunday worship service at Redeemer is intentionally more contemporary and modern. You will find that the songs we sing are really about our expression of praise – and that we really enjoy expressing our praise. In that way, they are more modern in feel and structure. 

Come As You Are

There is no dress code at Redeemer. Some in jeans and t-shirt, others in more "business casual." It matters that you are here, not what you wear. Also know that "come as you are" speaks to your spiritual state. You can come to receive God's gifts of grace and forgiveness – not that you have to be right with God before you can be welcomed here. Jesus is our Redeemer and we come to Him as His church, a broken body of believers in what He has done for us, in order that we can be made whole again to worship Him physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So truly, come as you are. Leave as you ought to be. 

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